7 log kitchen design tips to install your dream kitchen.

When designing a kitchen, people often focuses on features like square footage, layout, and the designing. And later, end up including countertops, refrigerator, cabinets, flooring, skinks and other things. Although these major attractions are important, a log kitchen demands more to make it a look perfect.

If you are planning to redesign your log home kitchen, here are a few things you should not miss:


Logs are one of the most important things to consider when designing a log home kitchen. While some residents want their logs to be visible, other don’t like the traces of logs in the kitchen. So, how will you fit your logs, especially in windows, floors and other structures?

You can use small log cabin kits to store kitchen supplies and more. However, if you want to cover the log walls, include log trusses to support the log beams to support the upper-level loft. Use round logs to handle cabinets and to offer support to the copious cabinets. Make a walk-in pantry from logs to store things efficiently.

Lighting In The Kitchen:

While big windows and skylights are enough to brighten kitchen’s during the daytime, for winters and dark, use bright bulbs. Also, logs tend to absorb light, so incorporate strategically. Know the type of fixtures and bulbs you will be using and make the place glowing.

Make An Open Layout:

Usually log home designs are in a way that they connect to a living room, dining area making space bigger. So, define the space efficiently; make space for living and dining area and then install things in the kitchen. Open kitchen works great when you want meal cooking, conversing with friends and serving hot food altogether. However, after cooking, the visible dishes will look shabby. So, distinguish things smartly, if you are using an open layout for the kitchen. Include lofts above the kitchen ceiling, change floorings, log posts and covert the kitchen to real command. Plan it smartly, and make it glooming.


Since log homes are often constructed at off-beaten paths and groceries and other things are not near, make room for storage. Since you need to stock up things beforehand for long hauls, walk-in pantries and storage cabinets would be handy. You can make a few cabinets to not use logs everywhere in the place.

Plumbing And Electrical:

Kitchens also require plumbing, so plan accordingly. Although plumbing pipes are hard to install, efficient planning and arrangments can make things less daunting.

Electrical Wiring:

Wiring is another important things to consider in the kitchen. So, install efficienltly and accurately. Also, make wire sources secure to avoid any mishaps.


Instead of using logs for the countertops, use tiles as logs can stain and shabby. Also, logs are difficult to clean, and over the time they can become stained from oil and grease.  Also, make kitchen sinks at one side to avoid any water stains on the logs.

Logs look very appealing and are easy to maintain and clean. Also, if you keep the above tips in mind, you can design a perfect log kitchen that will last for years.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia During Summer Holidays

Summer is perhaps the most eagerly awaited season of the year. After long cold months, the gloomy weather finally gives way to warm sunshine and clear skies. This is the best season for taking a much deserved vacation to travel and to enjoy all kinds of outdoor adventures. Many people will travel to other countries during this time to unwind and to create thrilling memories.

Going on an overseas holiday will give you a wonderful opportunity to encounter lots of wonderful experiences that you would probably not have back in your country. Each country in the world has something that you would find exciting as a tourist. Not many destinations can however provide such a wide diversity of attractions that you can find in Croatia. If you plan on traveling overseas for your summer holiday, you should consider going to Croatia. This article will provide you with 5 reasons why this should be among your options.

  1. Croatia has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world

This country’s coastline is endowed with long stretches of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear seawater. The beaches are also remarkably well-maintained and there is literally no pollution around the coastline. Croatia also has hundreds of islands spread across the captivating Adriatic Sea which can be explored by boats and ferries. Rovinj, Zadar and Sibenik are the most popular coastal towns for tourists who love yachting, fishing, swimming and other marine activities.

  1. Croatia has a wonderful climate

It can be argued that Croatia has perhaps the sunniest summer weather of all European Countries. The warmest parts of the country are the islands around the Adriatic Sea. Islands such as Korkula and Hvar are known to get over 2700 hours of sunshine during each year.

  1. There are plenty of stunning National Parks to visit

There are currently eight National Parks spread across the country. These protected areas contain a beautiful mix of both natural attractions and wildlife. One of these parks, the Plitvice Lakes National Park has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other National Parks include Krka, Paklenica, Risnjak, and Brijuni. Within these parks, you will be able to go along nature walks, do rock climbing while surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and enchanting forests and waterfalls.

  1. Croatia has wonderfully maintained historical sites

Majority of the cities and towns in Croatia have been built around ancient sites and most of the modern buildings have been constructed using old building styles. Ancient sites such as the Euphrasian Basilica, the Roman amphitheater in Pula and the historical town of Trogil attract thousands of visitors each year, with most of them being listed as UNESCO Heritage Sites.

  1. Croatia has rich cuisine diversity

A wholesome Croatia vacation cannot be complete without sampling some of the several culinary delights available. In the highland areas, spicy sausages, meat, pasta, paprika and locally produced wine feature prominently in the diet, while seafood is popular along the coastal areas. There are plenty of more traditional foods and pastries that can be found around the country and everyone is bound to find a delicious treat to match their taste.

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Top 10 Blogs on IELTS Lessons You should read to get the 8 band

If you are here reading this article thoroughly then you must be very serious to achieve an appropriate band score in your IELTS Examination so that you will get a bright opportunity to go outside and shape your career properly by grabbing every opportunity that will be thrown at you from time to time.

You must be tensed and perplexed as to how to begin studying to get a decent band score. Well, a little help will harm no one. Even if you are preparing for the IELTS Examination for the first time or whether you have tried several times but couldn’t crack it, do not worry. The first step you should take is towards joining the most competent IELTS Online Training and let the industry experts guide you throughout with the trips and tricks and prepare you well for the examination. IELTS is commonly referred to as The International English Language Testing System and this examination is taken by students or individuals who have to go abroad for study purposes or work.IELTS is an examination that will test your language skills expertise while communicating or while writing.

IELTS is divided into 4 segments- reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

For the learner’s convenience, we have tried to put down a list of 10 of the most important and significant blogs that will assist you to get the 8 band score in your IELTS Examination.

  1. IELTS Liz: 

This blog was published in 2008 by Liz who herself has completed her proper preparation and training for IELTS.

IELTS Liz is considered to be one of the most preferred and appropriate blogs for the preparation of IELTS. The learners can handily focus on their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills with comprehensive tips and tricks mentioned in this IELTS Online Training.

The students must read this blog thoroughly because this website is free of cost and you will get several practice questions with their proper answers too for your smooth preparation. The blog even encompasses valuable resources that are very useful for the IELTS Examination.

  1. IELTS7 Band Blog:

Moving forward IELTS7 Band blog is just like what the name suggests.

This blog will help the learners or the students to get a 7 and above band score in their IELTS Examination. This blog will guide you properly in all the 4 main components of the IELTS examination that is-listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

The blog entails easy to understand and interesting solutions for the practice questions as well as this blog provides quality and top-notch mock and practice tests so that students can get an idea of all the types of questions that can be asked in their IELTS Examination.

It even provides industry experts for your assistance. If you face any sort of difficulty the teacher will solve it in no time. This blog will prepare you by covering every aspect of the examination.

  1. IELTS Master:

This blog is written by a professional himself. If you want to get detailed guidance from an expert, then you should read this blog because the author has specifically curated a list of significant plans and strategies as well as quick tips so that the student can crack his/her IELTS Examination with an 8 band score.

As he struggled and studied a lot to crack IELTS that is the only reason why this blog is a must-read because it has real-experiences and observations written down in the form of best test practice and mock questions.

IELTS Online Training through this blog will assist you daily by giving you very helpful exam tips.

So if you want to ace your IELTS Examination do give this blog a read.

  1. IELTS Advantage:

If you are dedicated enough and want to succeed in your IELTS tests successfully then IELTS Advantage is one of the best blogs, you can go through.

The brownie point of this blog is its skillfully created modules which are based on the pattern of the IELTS Exam. This is not it. This blog even includes interactive and problem-solving videos that will assist you in a thorough understanding.

  1. IELTS Exam:

If you are thinking that it will cost, you a lot while preparing for IELTS then you are mistaken. This blog will provide you free tests and examination tricks that will prepare you fully for the main day.

Students who face difficulties while speaking the English language do not worry this blog will give you a lot of information and will polish your English skill too.

  1. IELTS Buddy:

We need friends in life who can steer us towards the right path. Well, it won’t be wrong to mention that this blog will be your virtual friend that will help you to reach your goal band score in the IELTS Exam. You can have a way to a set of unique practice sets as well as several e-books are also available free.

Important questions with time-saving solutions of all the 4 components-reading, listening, writing, and speaking and they are merged for an easy learning process.

  1. IELTS Simon:

Learning the fundamentals is very important if you have to succeed in an exam. This is how it will help the students to focus on the basics first and then move to the technical aspects. IELTS Online Training with the help of this blog is molded in a simple design and structure. This blog is curated by Simon 2018 January who is one of the experts on the IELTS Exam.

  1. IELTS Ninja:

This blog is one of the recommended and assured blogs for the IELTS Examination. It provides a vast number of mock and practice tests for the students with Avant-garde solutions as well.

Our progress analysis is one of the significant steps one student should take from time to time. To do this you can also use its band predictor so that you know your weak spots.

  1. IELTS-Blog:

Correct study material can help you score well in any examination. This blog will provide you with detailed study resources for reading, writing, speaking, and listening aspects of the IELTS examination.

  1. IELTS Blog:

This blog is the official blog of the British Council which aims to deliver the most promising and quality preparation assistance to the aspirants. Every topic has different solutions and is explained properly here.

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Top 10 Ultimate Health Gadgets for Diabetics

India has a presence of more than 72 Million cases of Diabetes with the projections of 300 Million Diabetics by the year 2025. Growing prevalence of sedentary lifestyles and the ever-increasing number of cases has given India the title of “Diabetes Capital of the World.”

The significant problems lie not in the condition of Diabetes but the complications that come along. Diabetes is one of the primary cause of –

  • Heart Disease
  • Nerve Damage
  • Foot Damage
  • Kidney Damage
  • Eye Damage
  • And various other health conditions

Thanks to the rich Indian culture and history, we also have a strong presence and knowledge of traditional practices like Ayurveda and Yoga, helping you easily combat all lifestyle diseases.

One of the most effective and widely accepted formulas is

  • Aahara – Diet
  • Vihaara – Lifestyle
  • Aushadhi – Medicine

Inculcating a diet of natural foods and specific ayurvedic herbs and making lifestyle changes like exercise can have a tremendous effect on your health.

The effect of Ayurvedic herbs has been accepted globally, and revolutionary products like Sugar Knocker have made it simpler for people with Diabetes to leverage the power of Ayurveda. Everyone can’t consume various Ayurvedic herbs like Cinnamon, Amla, Tulsi, and numerous others daily.

This is where Sugar Knocker comes into the picture, which combines the extracts of all these herbs and a few others for you to consume easily and daily.

Importance of Health Gadgets

There are a lot of aspects of Diabetes that must be tracked to keep it under control. Thankfully, modern technology equips us with many tools that help us track everything and make changes to improve our health. You can practically prevent hundreds of diseases by keeping track of some key factors.

In this article, we will be sharing the top 10 Health Gadgets for diabetics that will help you keep your health in check.

1. Magnifying Glass   

Diabetes has a substantial impact on your eyesight. It is essential to care for your eyes, and thankfully, many tools help you accomplish this. One of them is a magnifying glass.

You must use a magnifying glass, especially while reading. Excessive stress on your eyes while reading and watching screens can invite various problems, and a magnifying glass can help you prevent all of these.

You can find hundreds of options on all E-Commerce websites, including Amazon, Flipkart, etc. The price range for these glasses ranges between Rs. 300-1000.

2. Diet App

Diet is the most important thing for anyone with Diabetes. We are sure that you have no idea about the impact that a proper diet can have on your body. You can potentially get off medicines entirely just by inculcating a healthy diet.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by using a diet App. These apps help you plan each of your meals and keep track of every nutrient entering your body and limit the number of sugars in the diet. Some of the Best used Diet Apps are –

Also Read :Diet for Diabetes – Best Fruits and Vegetables To Include In a Diet for Diabetes

3. Yoga App

Yoga is the traditional Indian practice of Asanas, which is very useful in combating Diabetes. The best way to practice Yoga is by using Apps which not only tells you about the best Asanas for Diabetes but also the steps to perform them.

Some of the best Apps are –

Also Read: Yoga for Diabetes Can Actually Helhttps://knockdiabetes.com/blog/yoga-for-diabetes-can-actually-help-you/p You

4. Calorie Counter App

Sugar levels in your body are directly linked to the number of calories you consume in a day. Obesity is the number one cause of Diabetes, and the calorie counter App can help you keep a check on your calories. Some of the best apps are –

5. Fitness Bands

One of the biggest challenges in busy modern-day lifestyles is tracking everything. Imagine getting a report of all your physical activities and calories consumed in the day according to your goals? Yes! This is possible with a fitness band which acts as your personal fitness trainer.

Some of the significant benefits are –

  • Monitor Heart Rate
  • Monitor Calories Consumed
  • Keep track of the physical activity
  • Set and monitor Goals
  • And many others

Some of the best ones are –

  • Fitbit Charge 4 priced at Rs. 9999
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit priced at 8990
  • Fitbit Inspire HR priced at Rs. 8999

6. Glucometer

The trio of diet, physical activities, and medicines are behind controlling sugar levels in the body. If you tend to eat more unhealthy calories or reduce your physical activities, your body reacts with Hyperglycemia.

Hyperglycemia is a condition of high sugar levels in your blood. It can also occur because of the dosage of medicines that artificially produce the insulin, which is required by your body. One of the best ways to track your Sugar levels is by using a Glucometer.

A glucometer is a handy tool for everyone with Diabetes. You can regularly track your Sugar levels and make changes accordingly. Some of the most common Glucometers are –

  • Accu-Check Instant Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Dr. Trust Glucometer Machine
  • Beato Smartphone Glucose Meter

The price range is between Rs. 1000-2000.

7. 7 Day Pill Organizer

It is vital for everyone with Diabetes to consume every medication on time. Diabetes invites a lot of related illnesses along with medicines for them. It is also common for people, especially elderly members, to forget to take the right medication on time.

Using a 7 Day Pill Organiser comes to the rescue as you can quickly identify the pill to be taken on a specific day. The price range of the 7 Day Pill Organiser is usually between Rs. 250-500.

8. NovoPen

NovoPen is the smartest device for everyone who is dependent on insulin. With conventional needles, it becomes quite hard to track your doses and also use the exact dosage.

NovoPen, on the other hand, is a smart solution and has a memory function that remembers the last dosage so that you can track timings. It also has a Dial, which measures quantity and end of the dose click helps you take the exact dosage every time.

The types of NovoPen are –

  • NovoPen Echo®
  • NovoPen Echo®
  • NovoPen® 5
  • NovoPen® 4
  • FlexTouch®
  • FlexPen®

The price range of these devices is between Rs. 1000-2000.

9. Medical Alert ID

Health and safety is the first priority for everyone on Earth. Remaining safe at all times means being prepared for the worst. Medical Alert ID is one of the best tools for you to have peace while travelling.

In case of medical emergencies, First Aid plays a vital, for Diabetics. In case of medical problems like fainting, administering Glucose to a person with Diabetes can have severe issues.

Medical Alert ID helps you maintain all your essential medical details, including Diabetic condition, other diseases, blood group, and many others on a bracelet, potentially saving your life in case of emergencies.

The price range of Medical Alert ID ranges between Rs. 500-2000 for the best ones.

10. Bath Thermometer

Hot Baths are often recommended to Diabetics as they help loosen blood vessels and improve blood flow. Many studies have been on hot baths, and all point out that hot baths help control type 2 diabetes.

But if the water temperature exceeds a particular limit, you can face skin problems, skin diseases, and skin burns. You have to take care of your skin while fighting the Diabetes disorder.

The best tool for this purpose is a Bath Thermometer, which tracks water temperature every two seconds and alerts you when the temperature rises above a specific limit.

The price range of these thermometers is between Rs. 500-1500.


Now that you are equipped with the best devices for keeping a check on diabetes, you must understand all these tools can only help you ascertain the facts but not control them. You have to make sure to fight the root cause of Diabetes so that you can resolve all your health problems at once.

The root cause of Diabetes is the inability of pancreatic Beta cells in producing natural insulin. The solution to this problem is available in Ayurveda, and Sushrut Ayurved Industries has engineered the technique to develop the revolutionary product of Sugar Knocker.

Sugar Knocker consists of the extracts of several potent Ayurvedic herbs, which are known and proven to help rejuvenate pancreatic cells. It helps resolve the root cause of Diabetes, which will eventually lead you to treat yourself completely.

Also read: Cultivate this Proven Formula of “Aahara-Vihaara-Aushadhi” for Better Life

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Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Be Happy to Receive

Your boyfriend’s birthday is just around the corner and you are struggling hard to find a gift that can be just the thing that he wants. Don’t panic! Take a deep breath, we have got this sorted for you. We have come up with a compilation of some great gift ideas which will surely leave him pleased. No matter whether you have just started dating your boyfriend or have been dating your boyfriend for years, our gift will surely make a special place in your heart.

Want to gift your boyfriend something which is truly intoxicating? Well, you simply can’t go wrong with a branded perfume which will make him smell simply amazing. Men usually prefer strong fragrances, so you can gift wrap it and present it as an ultimate delight for your boyfriend.

If you want to keep it simple, you can get a box full of international branded chocolates which can turn out to be the best gifts for boyfriend. He can relish it when he is feeling too stressed out.

No matter whether your boyfriend is planning to hit a beach or is going to a small gathering at the park nearby, you can get him a portable speaker which he can take along.

Want to gift your brother something sleek and elegant? Go with some stylish watches which are attractive timepiece and can make a great accessory for your boyfriend too.

You can also get him something personalized which will leave him with a memory which is hard to forget. An ideal thing to give will be a personalized photo frame, bottle lamp or may be even cushioned too.

At the eleventh hour, you might always find him running out of shaving gels, lotions, and razors. It is best to gift a surprise gift to your boyfriend such as grooming kit which can be truly useful for him. These grooming kits are available at an affordable price range so that it doesn’t dig holes in your pocket.

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Courses in Canada that are Beneficial for Indian Students

Studying in a foreign country is an exciting prospect for a student, at the same time tough too. There are things so much needed to be done to get an admission in a foreign university. Indian students have always been known to be hard working because of India’s sweat–breaking education system where you have to study hard and there is a lot of competition also.

Among many countries that students opt for studying, Canada has always been a favourite destination. For some students, it even tops their list of study destination. We are now going to see why Canada is a good choice for studying overseas and which courses are popular among students.

Why Canada?

Canada has always been a neutral country. Despite being a part of the North American continent, it has not been associated with the USA in its wars or other complications. The main reasons for which Canada is preferred by students are:

  • The quality of its education system.
  • Canada’s reputation as a tolerant and non-discriminatory society.
  • Canada has always been a safe country.
  • Friendly visa policies and low cost of study permit and visa.
  • Two official languages – English and French. And also Punjabi is used in public signs. (This makes French students come here for studying. Also because of a large Punjabi population in Canada, Punjabi is kind of a third language there and this attracts a lot of Indians to study in Canada out of which many are Punjabis.)
  • Wok while study option for students. (For on-campus work, there is no work permit required but for off-campus work, student needs a work permit)

To attract Indian students to its Universities, Canadian Government has taken many initiatives also. The Visa process for Indian students is given higher priority and they are also put on “fast-track” system to speed up the visa process. This enabled the Indian Students to get their study permit in as low as 3 weeks which is a very short period.

Figures show that out of all the inbound foreigner students in Canada, the second highest number is of students from India and also the growth rate of overseas students in Canada is highest for Indian students. These all factors have contributed to the growth of foreign students in Canada, especially from India.

Courses in Canada for Indian Students

Canadian universities provide internationally acclaimed courses that are the same as a degree from a university in the United States of America. The cost of education in Canada is less as compared to other developed English speaking countries like USA, UK and Australia.

Canadian Universities offer many undergraduate and postgraduate level programs for international students in various streams. Below are five most preferred courses by Indian students:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Medical profession
  • Business management
  • Hospitality management

There are many universities in Canada which are offering these courses and Indian students are actively studying in Canada under these courses. If you want to apply for Study in Canada from India, you can contact ISA Migrations. They will counsel you in selecting and applying to best courses in Canada.

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Is It Safe To Buy Mattress Online

Behind every good sleep, there is a great mattress! If you are tossing and turning in the bed and have trouble sleeping, then maybe it is time you go for a new mattress. Gone are the days when you have to go from store to store searching for the right mattress that will suit your need and also fits your budget. Today, everything can be purchased by a click of a button either in a computer/laptop or in your smartphone and mattresses are definitely not lagging behind! If you are one of those who is still sceptical about buying a mattress online? Then, read on to know why it is the safest option!

Mattresses are Individuals!

Every mattress is different and even if you like to go to the traditional Brick-and-mortar store and choose the best mattress brand, there is no guarantee that the one delivered to you will always be of the best quality! In fact, only the best ones are displayed in store and the shipping is usually done from a factory which is far away from the actual store.  If you are still thinking that you can get a good ‘Try’ at a physical store, keep in mind that inadequate trying time is equal to not trying at all! Also, mattresses are affected by temperature, especially the ones with memory foam. So, if the store temperature is completely different from that of your bedroom, then the comfort level can vary tremendously.

Online Mattresses Offer Better Quality and Customer Service

Immaterial of the mattress size that you order, online mattress stores offer a better quality of products and are more customer friendly ensuring that you have a great shopping experience. All the specifications are clearly mentioned and communicated with you and there is no ambiguity.

People Buying Online Are Often the Toughest Customers :

Yes, it’s true! Most people who buy online and are happy are probably the ones who will tear the brand apart in case something goes wrong. So, if the online mattress brands are able to satisfy such customers, they are sure to get you delighted!

Price Matters :

Online mattress stores can afford to give you additional discounts on the already reasonable prices for any type of mattress that you intent to buy. The price comparison between a brick-and-mortar store and an online store is just incomparable and why wouldn’t you want to go easy on your pocket?

Free Delivery :

Thought some traditional stores offer a minimum or even free delivery in some cases, most of the online mattress companies offer a free delivery of the product.

Ease of Returns :

If your orthopedic mattress does not serve the purpose, then it is a simple way to return the product in case of online purchases. Just inform the brand and they will do a reverse pick-up in no time and give you a replacement or refund in quick time. In case of a stand-alone store, if you are not satisfied with the quality, you have to run from pillar to post to arrange for a return and complete other formalities.

So, if you are going through a bad relationship with your mattress, it is time to do an online purchase and enjoy a deep satisfied sleep!

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How to Relocate With Household Goods Safely

Safety of your goods is very much important Isn’t it? While relocating somewhere you need to give utmost care to your goods and this can be well done with the professional. There are many tasks involved while moving and shifting, no matter whether you are relocating locally or internationally you always need a helping hand for a safe move. If you relocate in local area you can take your friends’ and relatives’ help but when you are relocating a place you are unaware with then you need an expert who can help you the best. When you move from one place to another the biggest concern is the safety of your goods so if you are moving with all your stuffs then you definitely need a professional and reliable packers and movers.

The best way to relocate your stuffs safely at the desired location is to hire packers and mover. They are professionals and expert of moving and shifting the goods in the damage free condition. They are very helpful for making relocation hassle free and stress free. With them you don’t have to worry about the goods as they are in safe hands who are experienced in handling any type of relocation. Packers and movers know the right way of packing the goods using high quality packaging materials they pack the goods with utmost care. This way your goods will relocate safe at your new house. You must find a reliable moving company who will relocate your goods safely with no damages at your doorstep.

There are many things that you need to do yourself for a hassle free. There a lot of things to handle, if you have hired packers and movers get ready for before the arrival of them and set all the stuffs this will make their work a bit easier. Before leaving the house clean the house properly and then handover the keys to the landlord. Make your kids ready for the relocation. You must keep some basic needy things with you and should carry it in the vehicle you are travelling. Your cash, jewelry and expensive items should be carrying with you and not in the vehicle in which all stuffs have loaded. There are a lot of things to handle by you in relocation process even if you have hired packers and movers. So be very attentive and careful while relocating your goods. Find the reliable moving company to relocate your household goods safely and make your move safe and smooth with the help of experienced and professional packers and movers mumbai.

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