Courses in Canada that are Beneficial for Indian Students

Studying in a foreign country is an exciting prospect for a student, at the same time tough too. There are things so much needed to be done to get an admission in a foreign university. Indian students have always been known to be hard working because of India’s sweat–breaking education system where you have to study hard and there is a lot of competition also.

Among many countries that students opt for studying, Canada has always been a favourite destination. For some students, it even tops their list of study destination. We are now going to see why Canada is a good choice for studying overseas and which courses are popular among students.

Why Canada?

Canada has always been a neutral country. Despite being a part of the North American continent, it has not been associated with the USA in its wars or other complications. The main reasons for which Canada is preferred by students are:

  • The quality of its education system.
  • Canada’s reputation as a tolerant and non-discriminatory society.
  • Canada has always been a safe country.
  • Friendly visa policies and low cost of study permit and visa.
  • Two official languages – English and French. And also Punjabi is used in public signs. (This makes French students come here for studying. Also because of a large Punjabi population in Canada, Punjabi is kind of a third language there and this attracts a lot of Indians to study in Canada out of which many are Punjabis.)
  • Wok while study option for students. (For on-campus work, there is no work permit required but for off-campus work, student needs a work permit)

To attract Indian students to its Universities, Canadian Government has taken many initiatives also. The Visa process for Indian students is given higher priority and they are also put on “fast-track” system to speed up the visa process. This enabled the Indian Students to get their study permit in as low as 3 weeks which is a very short period.

Figures show that out of all the inbound foreigner students in Canada, the second highest number is of students from India and also the growth rate of overseas students in Canada is highest for Indian students. These all factors have contributed to the growth of foreign students in Canada, especially from India.

Courses in Canada for Indian Students

Canadian universities provide internationally acclaimed courses that are the same as a degree from a university in the United States of America. The cost of education in Canada is less as compared to other developed English speaking countries like USA, UK and Australia.

Canadian Universities offer many undergraduate and postgraduate level programs for international students in various streams. Below are five most preferred courses by Indian students:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Medical profession
  • Business management
  • Hospitality management

There are many universities in Canada which are offering these courses and Indian students are actively studying in Canada under these courses. If you want to apply for Study in Canada from India, you can contact ISA Migrations. They will counsel you in selecting and applying to best courses in Canada.

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