Tips To Configure Your Router and Get Most Out Of It.

The router is one of the most appreciated devices if you wish to connect to the internet from home and in the future will be the most important, when any appliance or household item access the internet to operate.

Configuring your router correctly is key to access the Internet without problems , connect any device you have in your home, avoid strangers take advantage of your connection without permission or prevent access to content not recommended for the little ones in the house, among many others things.

In addition, a well-configured router will allow you to make the most of your Internet connection.

Let’s see some aspects to take into account if we want to take advantage of the functions that the router integrates or simply to be sure and avoid headaches in the future.

Change the Default Password

To configure the router we have to access its control page. To do this, just open the address in any web browser.

There are wireless routers that by default only allow access to that address by connecting the PC to the router via Ethernet cable, but most admit access via wifi. In any case, you will be asked for a username (default admin) and a password.

The default password may vary, but it is usually admin, so it is best to change it as soon as possible. This will prevent someone from accessing the router via wifi from outside your home and change the configuration.

On the other hand, if you manage the internet connection of the whole family, changing the password will prevent anyone from changing the parameters that you configure yourself.

Depending on the router model, the option to change the password is in one place or another. For example, it is usually in Advanced> Administration> Set password. Search for a similar submenu and you will soon find the right option. Of course, do not confuse changing the Admin password with the wifi password.

Do not forget this password, it is important. If you forget it, you will have to delete the router configuration and configure it from scratch.

Configure the Wifi Network

Within the router, its most appreciated feature today is the Wi-Fi connection, since it allows us to have several devices connected to the Internet without wires and no matter in which corner of the house we are.

There are several aspects of our Wi-Fi network that we can configure to improve security or to avoid problems or scares.

To start, we can change the default password. They tend to be long and complicated, but if someone searches online it will not take long to find it.

The options related to the Wi-Fi are usually in a sub-menu related to Wi-Fi or wireless connections. You may have to activate the advanced menu to see those options.

About the wifi password, you can choose the type of password (WPA, WPA2) according to the model of your router. If you do not know which one to stay with, leave it as it is. And in the password field you should indicate a new password between 8 and 63 characters. Try alternating numbers with letters. The more complicated, the better.

From the same menu you can change the name of your Wi-Fi connection or SSID, which by default usually has a cryptic name. For a more secure connection, you are supposed to limit the access to certain equipments via MAC address filtering and connect to the devices from the same IP address.

Langtang Valley Trek

Welcome to the place where there is Snow Leopard and Red Panda. The Langtang valley trekking is a well known trekking in the Langtang region, north of Kathmandu. It is an incredible excursion that offers tremendous perspectives of the Langtang Himalayan range, verdure of the Langtang National Park alongside the rich culture and Tamang ethnic conventions. Mountain dwellers contend that the Langtang Valley is extremely worth to see and the perspectives are huge. The trekking comprises a few climbing and dropping through the lavish timberlands.

Langtang valley Trek trail gives great esteem magnificent hotel convenience and nourishment, likewise the lower height enables us to trek even in winter. Langtang valley is less swarmed trekking trail contrast and other well known trekking and climbing courses of Nepal. Langtang trekking trail is trek through the backwoods of Rhododendrons and Oak bursting at the seams with winged creatures, to develop in elevated scene of taking off snowcapped pinnacles and clearing ice sheets. This is conceivable to make a short or long according to customer’s necessity.

Langtang Trekking Route is gives more wild trek opportunity that makes your trekking and climbing occasion in Nepal life-changing one. Go to the Langtang valley Trekking and visit one of the world’s most delightful valleys.

Best Time :

Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November) are the best season for this trek. In spite of the fact that we can do the trekking amid winter, the cool temperature probably won’t be reasonable for everybody.


The Langtang Valley Trek is considered to me of moderate trouble. There are steep segments that require a decent dimension of wellness, notwithstanding, the trek is moderately short and the vast majority with a decent frame of mind and abnormal state of assurance ought to be alright.

5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Locksmith

Your home is perhaps your biggest asset whose security relies on locks. Ever imagined what it could cost you when you choose cheap door locks that come with no warranty? Well, you would always be worried about your valued stuff whenever you leave your home!

Moreover, picking local brand locks may frequently put you in a situation when you require a locksmith to fix the issues. But before you call any of the locksmiths, some aspects need to be considered precisely.

Here are some essential things that you need to keep in mind before you call the locksmith for help.

Consider a Local Service Provider

It is always a rewarding decision to hire a local locksmith that can be called immediately in an emergency situation. Moreover, picking the local service provider would eventually save your money as the professional from outside town would certainly charge extra as travels expenses.

Furthermore, one can expect better services from a local agency as they can be called whenever you face some issues with the repaired door locks. So, the initial step is to prefer a local service provider that has a renowned name in the market.

Get References

If you wish to get better services at reasonable prices, you need to ask your acquaintances to provide you some references. It is always a brilliant idea to hire a professional that is tested by your friends and family members and can offer quality services.

Apart from this, you can always seek help from the local listings to shortlist the available options in your town. Moreover, you can consult someone having experience of dealing with these service providers who can guide you precisely.

Do Some Research

If you are seeking someone that can offer quality work without any hassle, it is necessarily crucial to do some research before you finalize any of the referred professional. Sometimes you require a renowned Automotive Locksmith that can help you in any emergency situation. It is always good to check the reviews of the service provider before calling them.

You can explore numerous websites offering an easy comparison of the available service providers in your location. It is advised that you should hire the one with good reviews and ratings. Just utilize the internet to make the right decision.

The Experience of the Professional

You need to emphasize on the overall experience of the service provider. There’s no point of squandering your bucks on unprofessional people that can’t promise quality work.

You can visit their website for a background check, which is perhaps the easiest way to do a background check.

Ask about the Spare Parts they Use

This is also a crucial aspect that most of the people ignore while they hire a local locksmith for repairing their door locks or automotive locks. It is important that your service provider uses genuine parts to ensure quality work and to avoid any glitch in the future.

The best option is to call the official service providers if they are locally situated as they have a better knowledge of their products.

These are some crucial aspects that you need to consider before hiring a locksmith.

Three Hair Care Tips For Teens

When it comes to teenagers, haircare should not be taken lightly. As the hormones kick in, the body is likely to change in many ways, and if hair is not properly cared for, then it may be dry, stunted in growth and break down.

The following hair care tips should work for all teenagers:

Caring for split ends : 

Split ends are the beginning of unhealthy hair. Try rubbing some olive oil right before you hit the shower to prevent adding up to the split ends. Further, avoid excessive combing and manipulation, unprotected heating and harsh towel drying. Instead use a heat protectant if you are to employ heat on your hair, and consider air drying instead of towel drying. Otherwise, instead of rubbing out the water, soak it out with a soft cloth.

Trim your hair monthly : 

Teenagers’ hair grows quicker than most adults, and on the process of growth, some strands break, others are damaged, and dead hair. Trimming helps shed off the unhealthy hair so they can get out of the way of your mane growing healthy, lustrous and strong. You can visit to spot out the best hair clipping tools to use in trimming and managing your hair.

Moisturize our hair : 

Different conditions dry out your hair including weather, swimming in the chlorine-filtered water, and even hormonal changes. Be deliberate with your moisturizer, by going further to ensure that your shampoo product is right for your hair.

Further, ensure you always use a conditioner when washing your hair, avoiding hot water which also dries out your mane.

Hair care maintenance for teens is not much different from other people, as long as it is done consistently, it should be lustrous and healthy in no time.

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Understanding the Legal Benefits of Tax When Hiring Family Members at Work

Do you know that you can easily turn your high-taxed returns to the tax-free income?


Hire your family member and save money on taxes!

The tradition of having a family member in the business has been around for years. And it keeps on escalating as more young entrepreneurs are stepping into the world of self-employment.

If you are going to join the family business or stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, you should be aware of legal benefits of tax to earn profits and save more.

This would eventually help to structure your business and help your family member to make proactive tax-efficient benefits.

Putting your family member in your family business would help you:

  • Turn high-taxed payroll to the low-taxed income
  • Achieve social security
  • Helps you invest in retirement plans

Whether it’s a husband-wife partnership or employing your child who is younger than 18, or its employing parents, the tax laws are different for everybody.

Employment for Parents:

If your parents are supporting you in your business, then as per the employment lawyer of Orange County, you can save a significant amount on taxes. Since they’ll be working for your company and will receive wages, there will not be any tax deductions for the business. Even if the parents don’t want the money, they can return to the business as a gift.

Employing the Spouse:

A spouse can contribute in a huge way to any business and can save huge taxes. Since he/she will be dealing with some different administrations and tasks, the business owner will be paying more top them.  With spouse, you can either work in a partnership which will also help you reap spouse pension benefits.

As per health reimbursement arrangement which deals in providing medical expenses, tax saving and many benefits only to the employees, if the business is in partnership, the partner or the spouse can have all benefits. This will not only save self-employment taxes but also help in keeping money on marginal taxes.

Another benefit of having a spouse is that she can have advantages of employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Hiring Children Younger than 18:

Dependent children offer greatest tax-saving opportunity. Since the children are not subjected to employment taxes from their wages, proprietors can have them onboard to save money.

This will also help business owner as he doesn’t have to pay federal unemployment taxes or have to share for employment taxes. The child can buy things for business without paying further taxes which otherwise parents have to pay a hefty amount for.

To sum up, the tax benefits while hiring a family member to work can be helpful in the following ways:

Children employed by a family member will not have to pay taxes. He/she is also not responsible for tax deductions in business as well.

Salary given to the children helps in reducing the net income of the business which in turn reduces the amount the parent proprietor pays in self-employment taxes.

From a tax point of view, hiring a family member to help out in the business can be quite beneficial.

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What Are The Benefits Of Starting An LLC ?

The benefits of an LLC are many. First of all, if you have an LLC, it means you officially have a business. Of course, an LLC is not just any business entity type. It is popular among small business owners because it involves a lot less bureaucracy than other business structures.  It also gives business owners relief from some of the taxes that the proprietors of other businesses have to pay.

How to Form an LLC

In terms of registering your business with the IRS, forming an LLC, or any other business entity, is simple.  You just fill out an employer identification number (EIN) application at When you submit your application through the Gov Doc Filing website, you will receive your EIN very quickly.Gov Doc Filing will email you your EIN within an hour of receiving your application.

Why an LLC Might Be Right for You

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. Liability means that, if there is a problem, you are responsible for it. You have probably heard of people losing their personal savings when a business venture of theirs failed. The LLC entity type protects you from some of that risk. The LLC can only lose its money, not yours. Additionally, a court cannot order you to use your personal wealth to pay a judgment against your LLC.

Another reason for the popularity of the LLC designation is that it allows for a lot of flexibility as far as the organization of your business. The business can have any number of partners and divide their ownership as they choose.

Whether you are starting an LLC or some other type of business, you need an EIN. Go to the Gov Doc Filing website to get a Tax ID for your LLC.

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