4 Causes of Extreme Inner Tire Wear?

Let’s admit this! The car tires are really expensive to replace. But you can’t just overlook the fact that they provide a significant level of safety as well. Keep in mind! You should keep a proper check of whether your car tires are worn out or not. Because the worn tire will not only become stranded on the side of a dangerous highway but also they are quite likely to fail catastrophically.

Due to which the driver will lose control. Having that in mind, we’ve come up with some causes that lead to the extreme inner tire wear. So let’s dive in;

Tire Wear

There can be many reasons behind the uneven tire wear. However, the excessive center wears mostly occurs due to over inflation. If you come across a feathered wear pattern across front tires, it’s an indication of tie rod wear. In case you don’t have enough clue on why exactly your car tires are wearing unevenly, you can then try inspecting the tire tread on a regular basis. Make sure that you keep in touch with your tire technician after you buy SUV tyre in Dubai to make the diagnosis and get things fixed before it’s too late.

Camber Problem

When you see that the inner side of the tread on your tire is wearing pretty faster than the center or outside end, there’s something wrong with the chamber then. What’s chamber? It refers to how straight up or down your tire is with the full weight of your vehicle on it. Just check it yourself. If the tops of the tires are leaning out, you have positive camber angle. On the flip side, you have negative camber if the bottoms are leaning outside. Keep in mind, when the chamber angle goes negative you happen to experience the excessive inner tire wear.

Bad Alignment

When we talk about the tire innerwear, it’s mostly the bad alignment that’s the culprit. Because due to that, the chamber has already been knocked out of its proper adjustment. When it comes to the alignment of car’s front end, it gets affected due to many reasons. And collisions with potholes is amongst the prominent ones. How do you identify whether there’s something wrong with your tire alignment or not? Here’s a simple indication. If your tire steering pulls in one direction or the other while driving on a flat road, it’s time to get it aligned.

Worn Ball Joints

There are other serious front end problems too that lead to the bad alignment like worn ball joints and worn tie rods etc. Ball joints are connected to tie rods ensure perfect steering. The steering knuckle in place when the car tires bounce up & down on rough streets and become worn with time.

And if you fail to grease the tie rods regularly, it will cause them to wear out quickly & even throw the front end out of alignment. Therefore, make sure that the Tie rods are greased with each oil change.


Do you want to learn more about the causes of extreme inner tire wear? Just check out the article now.

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