7 log kitchen design tips to install your dream kitchen.

When designing a kitchen, people often focuses on features like square footage, layout, and the designing. And later, end up including countertops, refrigerator, cabinets, flooring, skinks and other things. Although these major attractions are important, a log kitchen demands more to make it a look perfect.

If you are planning to redesign your log home kitchen, here are a few things you should not miss:


Logs are one of the most important things to consider when designing a log home kitchen. While some residents want their logs to be visible, other don’t like the traces of logs in the kitchen. So, how will you fit your logs, especially in windows, floors and other structures?

You can use small log cabin kits to store kitchen supplies and more. However, if you want to cover the log walls, include log trusses to support the log beams to support the upper-level loft. Use round logs to handle cabinets and to offer support to the copious cabinets. Make a walk-in pantry from logs to store things efficiently.

Lighting In The Kitchen:

While big windows and skylights are enough to brighten kitchen’s during the daytime, for winters and dark, use bright bulbs. Also, logs tend to absorb light, so incorporate strategically. Know the type of fixtures and bulbs you will be using and make the place glowing.

Make An Open Layout:

Usually log home designs are in a way that they connect to a living room, dining area making space bigger. So, define the space efficiently; make space for living and dining area and then install things in the kitchen. Open kitchen works great when you want meal cooking, conversing with friends and serving hot food altogether. However, after cooking, the visible dishes will look shabby. So, distinguish things smartly, if you are using an open layout for the kitchen. Include lofts above the kitchen ceiling, change floorings, log posts and covert the kitchen to real command. Plan it smartly, and make it glooming.


Since log homes are often constructed at off-beaten paths and groceries and other things are not near, make room for storage. Since you need to stock up things beforehand for long hauls, walk-in pantries and storage cabinets would be handy. You can make a few cabinets to not use logs everywhere in the place.

Plumbing And Electrical:

Kitchens also require plumbing, so plan accordingly. Although plumbing pipes are hard to install, efficient planning and arrangments can make things less daunting.

Electrical Wiring:

Wiring is another important things to consider in the kitchen. So, install efficienltly and accurately. Also, make wire sources secure to avoid any mishaps.


Instead of using logs for the countertops, use tiles as logs can stain and shabby. Also, logs are difficult to clean, and over the time they can become stained from oil and grease.  Also, make kitchen sinks at one side to avoid any water stains on the logs.

Logs look very appealing and are easy to maintain and clean. Also, if you keep the above tips in mind, you can design a perfect log kitchen that will last for years.

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