What is IP Address

IP addresses identify Internet devices or local networks. “IP” is an abbreviation for “Internet Protocol,” which is the set of rules and guidelines that govern data sent via the internet or local network. The IP address is the identifier that makes it possible to send information from one device to another on a network: they encapsulate location information and make device communication possible. You can solve your login issues via IP Router Login. Computers, routers, and websites must be distinguished on the internet.

What is an IP?

There are several numbers separated by periods that make up an IP address. A set of four numbers is used in IP addresses. For instance, is an example of an IP address with four digits. There are 255 possible values for each number in the address. The full IP addressing range starts from to


Each IP packet includes the IP address of the sending host and the IP address of the destination host in the header. IP addresses serve two principal functions: they identify the host or, more specifically, their network interface, provide the host’s location within the network, and thus the ability to establish a path to it. According to this definition, the name of a thing describes its content, the address describes its location, and the route tells how to get there.

IP address types

IP addresses can be classified into different categories, and within each category, different types.

Internet Protocol address of the consumer.

Private IP addresses are assigned to individuals and businesses with Internet service plans, and their public IP addresses are assigned to public IP address subscribers. DEPENDING ON THE NETWORK LOCATION, an IP address is either public or private. A private IP address is used within a network, and a public one exists outside one.

IP addresses with private information

Your internet network assigns a private IP address to each device connected to it. A Bluetooth-enabled device can include computers, smartphones, tablets, speakers, printers, and smart TVs. There is probably an increasing number of private IP addresses you have at home due to the growing internet of things. Each item needs to be identified separately by your router, and many items need to recognize each other. Your router creates an IP address that is unique for each device, allowing them to be differentiated on the network.

IP addresses that are publicly accessible

In your whole network, your public IP address is your primary address. Your network’s main IP address contains the IP addresses of every connected device and the IP addresses of every connected device. Your Internet service provider (ISP) provides your router with your public IP address, and ISPs distribute IP addresses to their customers from a large pool. An IP address is a unique identifier for your network that all devices will recognize on the internet outside of your Internet network.

IP Version 4 and IP Version 6

Originally, IPv4 was the Internet protocol. In the example we have seen, IP addresses are 32-bit numbers like 506.457.14.512. This only allows for about 4 billion IP addresses, and that’s not enough to meet current demands.


Both IPv4 and IPv6 networks can be divided into subnetworks. In IP addresses, two elements are considered: the network prefix in the high-order bits, and the remaining field, also known as the host identifier or interface identifier (IPv6), used for host numbering within a network.

Subnet masks are used only in IPv4 networks, and CIDR concept and notation are used in both IP versions. A slash precedes IP addresses in this format and the number (in decimal) of bits used for the routing part, also called a routing prefix. Typical IPv4 addresses and subnet masks are and, respectively. 




It is a communication protocol that uses set guidelines to pass information, the same as any other language. The protocol is used for locating, transferring, and exchanging data between all devices connected to the network. Every device can communicate with every other computer by speaking the same language.



Review, Features and Price of Microsoft Windows 10 X

Windows 10 X is a new operating system that is specially designed for the dual-screen laptops and it will also be available for the traditional laptops. There are lots of new features in this operating system and it will provide a customized interface for all the devices. Windows 10 X is planning to install it on traditional laptops via third-party tools. It is expected that the look of this new operating system will be new for the users. Here, we will discuss the essential features of Microsoft Windows 10 X.

  • Gestures: Windows 10 X operating system has also gestured just like the Windows 8. It means that if you want to open the Action Center, you will have to swipe from the right side. On the other hand, if you want to open the Start menu, you will have to swipe from the left side. These kinds of gestures will also work on the touchpad screens of the laptops.
  • Action Center: There is a new and a quick action centre in Windows 10 X. If there are new notifications to you, this activity centre will expand its size. If you want to make any kind of setting, the setting toggle is easily available to you. It means that you don’t need to find setting app for it. You can also control some other things with the help of this activity centre. In these things, there comes brightness, volume, percentage of the battery and power options etc.
  • Compose Mode: There is also a new feature in Windows 10 X and this feature is known as composing mode. With the help of this compose mode, it is possible for you to switch the taskbar to a more traditional taskbar. With the help of this compose mode, it is also easy for the users to use the keyboard easily.
  • Set Up Experience: Windows 10 X is also providing a new setup for the users and this setup will provide a modern look and feel to the users. With the help of this setup experience, it is also easy for you to select the correct language, sign-in and region etc. According to an assignment writing service, in this new setup, you will see that Microsoft has removed the Cortana.
  • Dynamic Wallpaper: Windows 10 X is also providing dynamic wallpaper to the users. It means that this dynamic wallpaper has the ability to change the content of your device on the basis of the time and geo-location. For example, if you are using Mountain View wallpaper, it will change its look in the morning, noon, evening and night.
  • Apps: Lots of apps will be preinstalled in Windows 10 X. Some essential apps that will be preinstalled in Windows 10 X are Microsoft Store, Mail, Calendar, Movies app, Groove music, Weather and Notepad etc.
  • Lock Screen: Windows 10 X is also providing a new look to the lock screen of your laptop. Its reason is that it is introducing a new lock screen with authentication options. It means that you will never be able to dismiss the lock screen without providing the login details. Therefore, you can set your PIN or password. Moreover, you can also add your photo on the lock screen.
  • Taskbar: It will provide different taskbar options on different devices. For example, if you have installed it on the traditional laptops, it will provide a traditional look to the taskbars. On the other hand, if you have installed it on the foldable devices, it will provide a touch-friendly interface to the users. On the traditional laptops, Windows 10 X will provide left-aligned taskbar and on the dual-screen devices, this taskbar will be aligned in the centre. Anyhow, it will also allow you to change the position of the taskbar icons on all the devices.

Price of Microsoft Windows 10 X:

There are three different prices of Windows 10 X. if you want to buy Windows 10 X for personal use or household use, you will have to pay $139. Its license will be available for one PC only. Secondly, if you want to buy it for a small business or you want to enhance the functionality of this Window, you will have to pay $199.99. Its license will also be available just for one PC. Thirdly, if you are an advanced user and you want to buy its pro package, you will have to pay $309. Its license will also be available for one user only. This is known as the best operating system for dual-screen laptops. Anyhow, traditional laptops can also use it.

Foot Massage Mat, Equipment for the Home

It could come as a wonder that now not all foot massage device has to contain moving parts. A foot massage mat is probably one of the simpler methods of relaxation for your feet, but it isn’t because of the immediate relief from walking on the mat.  It is actually because of pressure points, and it can even be a little uncomfortable at first, but it is a good thing!

Your feet have a lot of pressure points that affect the rest of the body.  Ancient Chinese have long since known about the effect that these different pressure points can have on the body.  To this day, the Chinese have parlors that are centered around using these pressure points to improve a person’s “energy flow,” or “Chi” as they call it.

Unbelievably, but there are 30 different parts of the body that are associated with pressure points on the bottom of your feet!  From your temple to your kidneys and spleen, there are multiple parts of the body that benefit from pressure point stimulation on the bottom of your feet.

One popular way of stimulating these different pressure points is using a Cobblestone Walkway Foot Massaging Mat.  While very simple in its concept, there is a lot of thought that goes into the placement of the stimulus points on these mats.  The funny thing is that they can take some getting used to.

Unlike most foot massage equipment, foot massage mats are designed to improve the condition of your feet and other areas of the body.  So, this is not like a massage at your local spa.  It is more like a therapy session that will take some time to get used to.  Most people experience some discomfort when they first use these foot massage mats but then feel the benefits almost immediately afterword’s.  Each session on the mat gets easier and easier until your body begins to acclimate to the stimulation of these underutilized pressure points.

Would you believe that there are pressure points on your feet that are known to help relieve sinus pressure?  There are even points that are believed to help with stomach problems and even shoulder pain!  Reflexology is an incredible study that will surprise most people.

One of the things that I found useful about these Walkway Mats is that you can put them in a spot that will force you to use it briefly every day.  There are testimonies of people who would make it a point to put their massage mat in a hallway, or a walkway leading outside.  This insures that you are going to get the benefit owning this piece of “equipment.”  People even talk about experiencing increased blood flow because of their repeated use of this mat.

There are, of course, many more subjects dealing with foot reflexology and massage.  We will be covering massage techniques and other pieces of foot massage equipment that others have found useful and worth the investment.

As always, make sure to take the time to relax purposely.  Make it a point give away a good foot massage, and you just may find that you get one in return.  It has worked for me!

Home Inspections: 8 Things You Need To Check!

Home owners are of different types and vary greatly when it comes to tastes and preferences. However, everyone has one thing in common, i.e., wanting a home that’s in good condition with no major flaws and lurks.

If you are planning to have a new home, here are a few things that  you need to check:

Defective Plumbing:

Clogged or leaky pipes are some of the major concerns of homeowners. However, a quick and visual inspection can help you identify the problem. To check leakages, turn on all facets of the bathroom and flush the toilet at the same time. doing this will pressurize the system, and you will be able to identify the leakages( if any). Another major concern is water sounds; if that occurs, it means the water plumbing pipes are undersized. Further dirty water is a sign of rusty pipes, so do that.

Faulty Electrical Systems:

Look for faulty wiring or electrical system to secure your home from fires and other potential damages. Make sure that wirings are made from copper or aluminum. Wire breakages or damaged controls is an indication of poor installation. Get in contact with professional service like fire remediation services in Montrose to tackle emergencies.

Wet Or Damp Basement:

Check, if there’s any powdery white mineral deposit on your basement’s walls, as this can be an indication to cracks in the house. This white powder can also cause bad odor in the place and can make the area filthy. Also, depending on how much damage it is, it can cost you a lot to get it fixed.

Heating Or Cooling Issues:

Insufficient insulation and poorly functioning heating systems are the two main causes of a poorly functioning heating system.  And for finance, do check indicators. Generally, a furnace has a lifespan of 15-25 years, so if it’s more than that, you should replace the furnace.

Moreover, if you have heat exchange system, inspect them as cracked systems can bring deadly carbon monoxide gas into the home and can put the lives at risk.

Leaky Roofs:

Whether its physical deterioration of shingles like curling or splitting or it’s the mechanical damages from the wind or storm, leaky roofs are another major concern for homeowners. So scrutinize the place to avoid this; do check gutters that run at the side of the house.

Inappropriately Fused Electrical Circuits:

Improper installations or improper planning of electrical circuits can become a serious hazard. So keep a check on them as well and replace them, if needed.

Wood Rotting:

Rotten or eaten wood means areas like doors, windows, trims, frames, and slidings need to be checked. Inspect them properly and replace rotten wood. If needed, give it a fresh coat of paint to give your home a new look.

Improper Ventilation And Vapor Barriers:

Damp basements, improper ventilation, vapor barriers are major concerns as they can cause mold and mildew throughout the structure. So, do check that and prevent roof and other tactics from major structural issues. Also, keep an eye on the kitchen upgrades to offer complete ventilation to the kitchen.

Consider these issues and protect yourself from disappointments.

9 Reasons You Should Choose Wood Furniture | Miradorlife

Wooden furniture manufacturers have practically faced challenges posed by the introduction of glass, plastic, aluminum and were seen as polarizing effects of the steel industry. Even with the emergence of a myriad of styles to suit the availability of different materials, it is undisputed that wooden furniture still reigns supreme, and is chosen by most buyers. Here are the reasons.

9 Reasons You Should Choose Wood Furniture | Miradorlife

1) Longevity and resiliency
With wood being naturally strong, wood components often take advantage of this quality. Not only has the ability to manufacture durable furniture chair parts, but also seeks the perfection of the interior of a home, keeping in mind the daily tasks that furniture demands. Subjected to. One thing that has stood the test of time is the flexibility of wood surfaces.

2) Easy to care for
Even with minimal care, wood has a proven shelf life! The daily care routine may include just dusting and wiping to keep the surfaces spark and clean, while avoiding either water or dust buildup for that matter. Occasional polishing is not prohibited either and will not cost you a fortune. However, it is advised to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when taking care of your furniture and dealing with stains.

3) Easy on the eye
Wood furniture with its natural beauty commands “all eyes on me” and just one piece can be a great addition to start flaring something into any room, even when working on a minimal budget. The natural grains on the wood add to the uniqueness of each piece in its sophisticated yet simple elegance. Given that wood surfaces can be modified by just changing the finish, they can take various forms to revive their beauty.

4) Complete package worthy investing in
Investing in wooden furniture gives you quality, comfort and beauty, all wrapped in a single package. Although some timber is more expensive, permanent beauty and ability to withstand changes in environmental factors is a worthy cause of investment in wood furniture.

5) Gentle on the environment
For almost everyone who promotes global warming and climate change, it is refreshing to know that wood furniture is actually environmentally friendly, compared to plastic, which can cause harmful effects to the environment. Wood component manufacturers have also adapted reliable and improved technologies in handling wood to reduce waste. CNC milling guarantees efficiency and precision of design while using less energy.

For quality chair parts and professional guidance with choosing your next piece of furniture, look no further because Newport Furniture Parts guarantees the highest quality, beauty, and durability among all its carefully crafted furniture parts. You can be sure that your needs will be met to your satisfaction and you will at least get answers to your questions and help you choose quality furniture that suits your style.

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Jumeirah Bay Island, Dubai’s Newest Haven for Luxury Living.

Spread across six million sq. ft., Jumeirah Bay Island is yet another impressive mixed-use development by the renowned developer Meraas Holding. This man-made marvel is strategically located just off the coast of Jumeirah and follows the distinct shape of a titanic seahorse riding the arcs of sand and rock.

Jumeirah Bay Island is set to become the new address of choice for Dubai’s discerning homeowners, a unique island neighborhood offering a host of low-rise multifamily residential buildings and villas, a boutique resort with a plethora of leisure attractions, and a marina with an unending vista of the picturesque Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s spectacular skyline.

Reaching the island is made convenient through the 300-meter bridge that has been exclusively provided for residents and visitors, which also provides direct access to Jumeirah Beach Road and the city’s wonderful attractions and other bustling districts. The following below are some of Jumeirah Bay Island’s brilliant residential offerings.

Villa Amalfi : 

Located on a slightly raised portion of land, Villa Amalfi features an unrivaled selection of majestic homes boasting modern aesthetics and high-end finishes. Set to offer an unparalleled quality of life, every townhouse has been meticulously built in elegant proportions and with a functional design. Nestled amidst a lush private park, these residences overlook mesmerizing green gardens, pristine sands of the private beach, and awe-inspiring ocean views in all directions.

Residents enjoy ultimate convenience within this premium development as it also hosts world-class facilities and amenities, including a large outdoor pool, cutting-edge gym, tennis courts, basketball court, children play area, a charming lounge, and many more.

Villa Amalfi’s enviable location makes it moments away from a luxurious branded hotel where everyone gets to experience exclusivity of a lifestyle at its finest that usually only a few can relish.

Bulgari Resort & Residences Dubai : 

Gracing Jumeirah Bay Island incomparable landscape is the first-of-its-kind master development of Bulgari Resort & Residences Dubai. Situated right on the water’s edge, this magnificent development represents the ultimate in luxurious and sophisticated living through incomparable excellence and exclusive services and amenities.

Covering an area of 1.7 million sq. ft., Bulgari Resort and Residences Dubai is designed by Italian architectural firm, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners. Its modern yet conventional architecture showcases a mix of traditional and modern themes that truly reflect the design and style of the surrounding area and stunning coastline. It features an exclusive collection of residential and leisure destinations ranging from 165 apartments, eight penthouses, 15 mansions, and a five-star hotel all overlooking a mesmerizing white sandy beach cove.

Housed within six free-standing buildings, the apartments vary from one to four-bedroom layouts, while the mansions come in three to six-bedroom arrangements. All residences have been meticulously designed to provide efficient living spaces. Aside from the state-of-the-art fitness centers, well-sized swimming pools, and private landscaped gardens, residents of Bulgari Resort & Residences Dubai also benefit from a world of dining and sporting options on-site, including the exclusive Bulgari Marina and Yacht Club.


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Quick Booking Of Bus Tickets Through Online

Transports are one of the standard approaches to head out starting with one place then onto the next with the reasonable costs. In India, average citizens for the most part utilize the Indian railroad or transport to movement. The transport administrations are most famous for the utilization of the tourism, visit and travel administrations suppliers which likewise give the lavish transports to the solace capacity of the voyagers. Prior, it was the colossal issue to book the tickets in the event that somebody need to go anyplace in light of the fact that he/she to book the ticket by standing a long line to take the ticket however now the online bust ticket booking administrations are accessible for each one with the goal that nobody need to remain on the long line.

Online Bus ticket booking has turned out to be one of the considerable headway in the web field. It is accessible to book tickets from anyplace to wherever at whenever in any transport as per the decision and necessities of the voyagers. It is likewise helping the general population to spare their cash and time. The online transport ticket booking is simple, the explorers need to just choose the individual website and book the tickets with the required data. The installment can be effectively done by the charge card or at the season of flight. A portion of the movement organizations which offer online transport ticket booking administrations are KPN ventures, Praveen voyages, Sita ventures, RAJ voyages, Eagle ventures, Pavan voyages and some more. It makes capable the clients to pick each need and solaces respected to the excursion alongside the seat passageway or window with different offers and rebates.

The online Bus ticket booking is quick and simple. The explorers can likewise pick the transports with their decision and necessities to want, for example, Ac extravagance, Express, Deluxe, Sleeper, general, intercity, private and Volvo Ac transports which incorporates the goal places like for New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Goa, Pune, Nagpur, and so on with safe and bother free. It interfaces significant urban communities and also residential areas of India. Presently the explorers incline toward the online bus ticket booking along these lines numerous movement organizations or offices are likewise offering the internet booking offices.

Myths Debunked: 10 Dental Myths That Are Not True!

There are many misconceptions about dental hygiene that are separate from fact and fiction! However, not all are true, while others are misunderstood. Good oral health doesn’t need much time, just some minutes in a day and you are good to smile all day.

But some wrong practices can also hamper the tooth and can cause irreversible damages to the teeth.  Have a look at some of the myths that you should know:

Myth1: Harder The Brush, Cleaner The Teeth.

Fact : Brushing too hard or aggressively can damage the enamel of the teeth that protects the tooth from cavities. It can also affect the gums and making teeth more prone to decay and cavities. So, spend 4-5 minutes on brushing only, and use soft bristles to do the job.  If you have a damaged teeth ,repair it! Be it dental implants or anything else, get it done from your professional to maintain tooth life.

Myth2: Floss Is Not Necessary:

Flossing help in removing the buildup in-between the teeth to make them clean and germ-free. This buildup can cause germs and bad smell, and if left can even become the significant cause of tooth decay. So, don’t forget brushing followed by flossing to make your mouth clean and healthy thoroughly.

Myth3:  Sugar-Free Gums Are As Effective As Brushing!

Facts: Sugar-free gums, with xylitol can have protective effects on the teeth as it encourages saliva production in the mouth. The excessive saliva can help in washing the enamel-eroding acids caused by foods and drinks. However, chewing gum is not an alternative to brushing when it comes to cleaning mouth. You should regularly clean to maintain oral health.

Myth4: Sugar Is The Only Culprit Of Cavities

Fact: Besides lollipops and other sweet treats, crackers and chips also have a sugar content that can hamper your teeth. The carbs present in these eatables not only break down the teeth but also get stick to it making it unhealthy. So, watch what you are eating, check their sugar level and then decide who the real culprit is.

Myth5: If You Have Bleeding Gums At The Time Of Flossing, Leave It And Forget Floss!

Gums bleed because of inflammation. It usually happens when bacteria and plague get stuck in between the teeth, where its hard for the brush to reach. With time, bacteria start building to those areas making gums inflamed. And, bleeding is a part of this process.

Myth6: White Teeth Are Healthy Teeth!

Fact: This can be true, but not always! Teeth’s are naturally white, and many things can make them unhealthy. Smoking, drinking, consuming sugar-rich foods can make teeth unhealthy and yellow.

Myth7:  Gum Disease Is The Only Problem Of Oral Issues

Fact: if you are having gum problems, you might be suffering from diseases like diabetes, hypertension and more. Also, your mouth can have other problems as well as oral cancer and more.

With a lot of dental problems, you might not feel the pain or anything. So have regular trips to dentists and protect your teeth for a healthy and shiny smile!

How to choose a laptop case.

If you bought a laptop computer that is popular today, then of course you are thinking about how to extend his life. Its main feature is mobility. This is what made the equipment so attractive to users. However, to use this function you need to purchase special accessories.

The universal case is suitable for tablets. It is made of durable and elastic material, which protects your tablet firmly from the negative effects of the environment. Thanks to the stinginess of the material, the universal cover will provide maximum protection of the tablet from moisture, scratches and damage. The cover is very light and pleasant to the touch, and its stylish design will add the device of individuality.

Yes, nobody agrees that you can move your PC in a normal box, but how it is much convenient. You can carry it in the first bag you got, but how much is it safe? Therefore, the best case for this is the laptop case. It is a means of protection for portable personal computers, which is intended simultaneously for the transport and storage of equipment.

It is designed in such a way that it allows you to move the laptop and at the same time use it without removing it from the bag. In order to evaluate the advantages of a good laptop case, you need to pick it right. In this case, you need to use the basic hardware parameters. Since the cases are not produced separately for each model of equipment. Of course, this complicates the search for the sample you need. Nevertheless, finding a suitable protective equipment for your equipment, you can fully assess its quality.

What to look for when buying

Buying a laptop case, you need to pay attention to a number of factors, the account of which will allow you to select exactly the samples you need. Pay attention to the following product features:

  • Dimensions, as already said, are determined by the size of the notebook itself. Nevertheless, it is worth considering that if the bag is complementary to the compartments for accessories, its dimensions can be slightly increased.
  • Materials used in the manufacture can be combined in different ways. The base provides the bag with rigidity, so it will keep the shape. The internal part provides protection of the laptop and also gives the chance to fix it.
  • External design is no less important factor than others are, because often going to a meeting you create a special image and you need that would be the presence of the laptop did not spoil it, but rather complemented. This is suitable for a laptop case.

Depending on the design, materials and design, the price of the bag may vary. On sale today, there are many samples from different manufacturers and for a variety of models of nasty computers.

Source website: https://caselibrary.com

Tips To Configure Your Router and Get Most Out Of It.

The router is one of the most appreciated devices if you wish to connect to the internet from home and in the future will be the most important, when any appliance or household item access the internet to operate.

Configuring your router correctly is key to access the Internet without problems , connect any device you have in your home, avoid strangers take advantage of your connection without permission or prevent access to content not recommended for the little ones in the house, among many others things.

In addition, a well-configured router will allow you to make the most of your Internet connection.

Let’s see some aspects to take into account if we want to take advantage of the functions that the router integrates or simply to be sure and avoid headaches in the future.

Change the Default Password

To configure the router we have to access its control page. To do this, just open the address in any web browser.

There are wireless routers that by default only allow access to that address by connecting the PC to the router via Ethernet cable, but most admit access via wifi. In any case, you will be asked for a username (default admin) and a password.

The default password may vary, but it is usually admin, so it is best to change it as soon as possible. This will prevent someone from accessing the router via wifi from outside your home and change the configuration.

On the other hand, if you manage the internet connection of the whole family, changing the password will prevent anyone from changing the parameters that you configure yourself.

Depending on the router model, the option to change the password is in one place or another. For example, it is usually in Advanced> Administration> Set password. Search for a similar submenu and you will soon find the right option. Of course, do not confuse changing the Admin password with the wifi password.

Do not forget this password, it is important. If you forget it, you will have to delete the router configuration and configure it from scratch.

Configure the Wifi Network

Within the router, its most appreciated feature today is the Wi-Fi connection, since it allows us to have several devices connected to the Internet without wires and no matter in which corner of the house we are.

There are several aspects of our Wi-Fi network that we can configure to improve security or to avoid problems or scares.

To start, we can change the default password. They tend to be long and complicated, but if someone searches online it will not take long to find it.

The options related to the Wi-Fi are usually in a sub-menu related to Wi-Fi or wireless connections. You may have to activate the advanced menu to see those options.

About the wifi password, you can choose the type of password (WPA, WPA2) according to the model of your router. If you do not know which one to stay with, leave it as it is. And in the password field you should indicate a new password between 8 and 63 characters. Try alternating numbers with letters. The more complicated, the better.

From the same menu you can change the name of your Wi-Fi connection or SSID, which by default usually has a cryptic name. For a more secure connection, you are supposed to limit the access to certain equipments via MAC address filtering and connect to the devices from the same IP address.

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