Eye safety basics & common injuries

It’s obvious and most unfortunate that many of us easily ignore eye safety that sometimes results in lifetime regret and to our detriment. Imagine being able to see clearly just the other day and an unlikely accident left you partially sighted, taking the ability of your driving and reading.

Such things change the lifestyle dramatically and in a very disturbing way. Comparing it to the prevention, it’s as simple as wearing safety glasses or paying attention to common eye safety rules which is further tormenting.

Eye injuries: Common causes

A study concluded that more or less 2.5 million eye injuries occur just in the United States whereas worldwide count is exceptionally huge. These injuries can take a certain degree of eyesight which is why expert eye doctors in Dubai and around the world recommend wearing safety glasses as well as take other precautionary measures to reduce severity in more than 90% of such injuries. Some of the most common causes of eye injuries at workplace can be from;

  • Wind and air-blown particles such as dust sand and wood so on
  • Tools like wrenches, screwdrivers and others
  • Oils, acids, gasoline, solvents and other chemicals
  • UV rays, welding arcs and other harmful radiation
  • Flying objects and debris like metallic fragments, glass shards or plastic

At home, eye injuries can be caused by chemicals, household cleaners and other objects like;

  • Cosmetic brushes and applicators
  • Eyelash curlers
  • Lawn mowers, garden trimmers and other such hand tools
  • Fingernails while applying or removing the contact lenses
  • Unusual falls or bump in the wall
  • Battery acid, toys and games with sharper edges

Blunt traumas such as something hitting the eye that provokes sports-related eye injuries. Some other elements of sports injuries are;

  • A puck, racquet or ball
  • Ultraviolet radiation
  • Fireworks and paintballs

Simple precautions can help in avoiding these eye injuries at home, work and play. In the meantime, try sidestepping distractions that may potentially harm the eyes and here, it means resisting the temptation of multi-tasking when handling with various tools and objects, keeping them too close to the eye. Always wear protective goggles or any other sports eyewear recommended by your eye doctor in Dubai.

Considerations following an eye injury

For any eye injury, immediately seek medical attention irrespective of the nature or cause. Most of the eye doctors have emergency numbers for such times that can be accessed even after normal business hours and even during weekends.

Depending on the injury and patient’s condition, the eye doctor is likely to wash the affected eye with saline solution or recommend seeking immediate medical attention if the situation is intense. For those accustomed to wearing contact lenses should tell the doctor who would better advise whether to remove or leave them in.


It must be noted that all eye injuries should be treated as potential emergencies following extra care and precautionary measures like wearing safety eyewear. If your work involves frequent outdoor movement, consider photochromic glasses that darken automatically in the sunlight thus shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays.

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