Foot Massage Mat, Equipment for the Home

It could come as a wonder that now not all foot massage device has to contain moving parts. A foot massage mat is probably one of the simpler methods of relaxation for your feet, but it isn’t because of the immediate relief from walking on the mat.  It is actually because of pressure points, and it can even be a little uncomfortable at first, but it is a good thing!

Your feet have a lot of pressure points that affect the rest of the body.  Ancient Chinese have long since known about the effect that these different pressure points can have on the body.  To this day, the Chinese have parlors that are centered around using these pressure points to improve a person’s “energy flow,” or “Chi” as they call it.

Unbelievably, but there are 30 different parts of the body that are associated with pressure points on the bottom of your feet!  From your temple to your kidneys and spleen, there are multiple parts of the body that benefit from pressure point stimulation on the bottom of your feet.

One popular way of stimulating these different pressure points is using a Cobblestone Walkway Foot Massaging Mat.  While very simple in its concept, there is a lot of thought that goes into the placement of the stimulus points on these mats.  The funny thing is that they can take some getting used to.

Unlike most foot massage equipment, foot massage mats are designed to improve the condition of your feet and other areas of the body.  So, this is not like a massage at your local spa.  It is more like a therapy session that will take some time to get used to.  Most people experience some discomfort when they first use these foot massage mats but then feel the benefits almost immediately afterword’s.  Each session on the mat gets easier and easier until your body begins to acclimate to the stimulation of these underutilized pressure points.

Would you believe that there are pressure points on your feet that are known to help relieve sinus pressure?  There are even points that are believed to help with stomach problems and even shoulder pain!  Reflexology is an incredible study that will surprise most people.

One of the things that I found useful about these Walkway Mats is that you can put them in a spot that will force you to use it briefly every day.  There are testimonies of people who would make it a point to put their massage mat in a hallway, or a walkway leading outside.  This insures that you are going to get the benefit owning this piece of “equipment.”  People even talk about experiencing increased blood flow because of their repeated use of this mat.

There are, of course, many more subjects dealing with foot reflexology and massage.  We will be covering massage techniques and other pieces of foot massage equipment that others have found useful and worth the investment.

As always, make sure to take the time to relax purposely.  Make it a point give away a good foot massage, and you just may find that you get one in return.  It has worked for me!

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