Hack into Cleaning with These 5 Ideas

Naveed Ganatra

We all are just crazy about the cleaning hacks. Especially me and you since both of us have finally managed to show up at one place to dig in further. Anything that makes cleaning easier, we’d love to go for it.  Keeping that in mind, experts from the best cleaning company in Dubai, have shared a few amazing cleaning hacks that you must check out. So let’s dive in;

Sticky Notes

These handy little notes work as perfect reminding tools. But did you know they also work great as a keyboard cleaner? So that next time you throw these sticky notes and unnecessarily pileup the clutter here’s an amazing way to recycle and reuse that remaining stickiness to capture some of the nastiness residing in your keyboard. Just run the sticky side along your keys in the keyboard, and it’ll grab out all of that dust, dirt, hair and other miscellaneous stuff stuck to the paper.

Dry Erase Marker Removing Permanent Marker

From teachers to entrepreneurs, people stumble upon the whiteboard quite often. But here’s something that needs to be figured out. In the bunch of markers setting aside, you sometimes happen to pick the permanent one instead of the Dry Erase Marker mistakenly. And all you have in the end is, whiteboard messed up with a stubborn permanent marker. So how do we get rid of this? Over that permanent marker, try coloring the dry erase marker. Once done, it’s more than easy for you to wipe it all down with a plan tissue paper.

Microwave Sponge Defunkifier

Trust me! Sponge happens to be one of the funkiest things in your kitchen that are probably sitting beside your sink right now. Since it’s designed to absorb all the stuff on your counters, in your sink and on your stove, it ends up harboring germs and bacteria in it’s in our pores. Funniest part! No matter how much you squeeze & wring it out, the sponge remains a stinky mess.

So here’s a quick fix for that. You just need the microwave safe bowl and microwave. Soak your sponge in water, put that in the bowl and bowl in the microwave. Set the timer to 2-min on high power and all the dirty stuff will be gone out of it.

Handy Tissue Garbage Bin

This technique is of great use if it’s the allergy season. Just take an empty tissue box and attach it to your current tissue box. You may use a couple of rubber bands, or some tape would be fine too. Once done, you have yourself a handy tissue receptacle this is especially helpful when you have a runny nose, and you are flying through tissue.

Weed Killer

Sometimes you need to get a little creative when dealing with weeds. You might often experience this each summer. So here’s a quick & easy recipe which handles your weed with ease. Let’s do it;

Fill the spray bottle with about 1-Cup of vinegar – the stronger the concentrate, the better – and a couple of squirts of dish liquid. Shake it up and hit those weeds. Be very careful vinegar will kill the weeds but it’ll also kill plants flowers in any other vegetation including grasp that you may have. So just make sure that you don’t overspray.


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