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Tactical Knife

In some frame or another, knives have been using around us for a many of years. Through the span of that time, a great many varieties and styles have been paraded out to the masses. While a large number of these knives have demonstrated themselves by unobtrusively fabricating human progress, just a chosen few have genuinely risen above the positions to end up “notorious.”

This list is dedicated to those knives.

Tactical Knife:

There are lots of knives you may know, but most of the people don’t have a clear concept about the tactical knife. A best tactical knife is not an ordinary blade for regular work. Its design, component, tools and different parts are entirely individual than regular types of knife.

The tactical knife is a knife which is made for completing some particular works, and those kinds of tasks are not possible or can’t be finished with a regular knife. This kind of blades has some unique features to perform multiples tactical work. There are lots of verities of tactical knives, let me show you some of the modern examples.

Tactical Pocket Knife:

Basically, the best tactical edc knife provides simple one-handed deployment, has a speedsafe mechanism, safety lock, pocket clip, light weight than other pocket knives and sometimes comes with a half serration blade. They are pretty much fantastic and perfectly balanced knife.

Also, you can safely carry it in your pock. Most importantly, to produce this kind of sturdy knife the manufactures have been using most updated stainless steel like Sandvik 14C28N, CPM-S30V, Aus 8A, S30V, Sandvik 14C28N/D2, Premium 154CM (588-61HRC).

In general, they are 6 to 8 inches full length is good for the tactical pocket knife; where 2.75 to 4 inches blade length and 4 to 5 inches handle length is recommended.

Some of the very popular tactical pocket knife brands are Kershaw, Cold Steel

, Buck Knives, Case Cutlery, Benchmade, Schrade, Zero Tolerance etc.

Tactical Fixed Blade Knife:

The tactical fixed blade is highly useful for survival on a trip, military use or completing multiple hard works. This kind of knife has 4 to 7 inches blade, and 4 to 5 inches handle. Sometimes the blade has a serrated edge and 3 to 5mm thickness; the handle is ergonomic with a comfortable grip, full tang for essential balance and maneuverability, a lanyard hole, light weight and a razor sharp blade.

A few of the most popular brands for this kind of knife are Ka-Bar, Buck Knives, Smith & Wesson, Gerber, Morakniv, MTECH USA XTREME, TEK, WarTech, Rogue River Tactical, Master Collection and Snake Eye Tactical.

Some of the very modern stainless steel blades for those types of brands are 1095 Cro-Van, 420hc, Carbon, Aus 8a, 400 Series, Rainbow Titanium Coating, Razor Sharp 440, and Real Damascus Steel Blade.

Tactical Hunting knife:

Since the beginning of the human civilization, hunting is one of the most important jobs in our life. But now a day it has become an amusement for our daily life. A knife is a major tool for hunting purpose.

A knife which is used during the hunting time for killing an animal, skinning its body, cutting up the animal meat and preparing or cooking it for food is known as the tactical hunting knife. There is lots of hunting knife versions available in the market but two versions of tactical hunting knives people like to use. One is tactical fixed blade hunting knife and another is a tactical folding hunting knife.  

Fixed-Blade- Fixed-blade versus a folding knife is both personal and practical. If the game you hunt is large and the terrain more rugged, a fixed blade knife is often a better option for its strength and dependability.

Folding knives- Folding knives have the advantage of being easier to carry and to conceal. They are also considered safer.

Tactical Fixed Blade Hunting Knife:

For the hunting purpose fixed blade is more useful for use rather than folding. Its razor sharp blade helps to cut through the animal, also cutting the bone and meat is the little bit difficult but with a fixed blade easily you can do that. Usually, you should choose 5 to 7 inches blade knife which has 5 to 6 inches handle for easy holding and thrusting. Also, check that the tactical knife has halted on the downside of the blade which will protect your hand from touching the blade.

Tactical Folding Hunting Knife:

This type of blade is not useful for hunting purpose but it has some unique benefits. Folding hunting knives are very easy to carry in your pocket; it is lightweight and safer than fixed blade. Before by a tactical folding knife consider 4 to 6 inches blade and 4 to 5 inches finger groves handle.


Aus 8A, S30V, Sandvik 14C28N/D2, Rainbow Titanium Coating, Real Damascus Steel Blade,  Razor-Sharp 440, 1095 Cro-Van are also known as the best stainless steel for the both fixed and folding hunting knife.

A few of the most popular brands for this knife are Hands, the Personalized Gift Company, Kershaw, SOG Specialty Knives and Buck Knives.

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