Myths Debunked: 10 Dental Myths That Are Not True!

There are many misconceptions about dental hygiene that are separate from fact and fiction! However, not all are true, while others are misunderstood. Good oral health doesn’t need much time, just some minutes in a day and you are good to smile all day.

But some wrong practices can also hamper the tooth and can cause irreversible damages to the teeth.  Have a look at some of the myths that you should know:

Myth1: Harder The Brush, Cleaner The Teeth.

Fact : Brushing too hard or aggressively can damage the enamel of the teeth that protects the tooth from cavities. It can also affect the gums and making teeth more prone to decay and cavities. So, spend 4-5 minutes on brushing only, and use soft bristles to do the job.  If you have a damaged teeth ,repair it! Be it dental implants or anything else, get it done from your professional to maintain tooth life.

Myth2: Floss Is Not Necessary:

Flossing help in removing the buildup in-between the teeth to make them clean and germ-free. This buildup can cause germs and bad smell, and if left can even become the significant cause of tooth decay. So, don’t forget brushing followed by flossing to make your mouth clean and healthy thoroughly.

Myth3:  Sugar-Free Gums Are As Effective As Brushing!

Facts: Sugar-free gums, with xylitol can have protective effects on the teeth as it encourages saliva production in the mouth. The excessive saliva can help in washing the enamel-eroding acids caused by foods and drinks. However, chewing gum is not an alternative to brushing when it comes to cleaning mouth. You should regularly clean to maintain oral health.

Myth4: Sugar Is The Only Culprit Of Cavities

Fact: Besides lollipops and other sweet treats, crackers and chips also have a sugar content that can hamper your teeth. The carbs present in these eatables not only break down the teeth but also get stick to it making it unhealthy. So, watch what you are eating, check their sugar level and then decide who the real culprit is.

Myth5: If You Have Bleeding Gums At The Time Of Flossing, Leave It And Forget Floss!

Gums bleed because of inflammation. It usually happens when bacteria and plague get stuck in between the teeth, where its hard for the brush to reach. With time, bacteria start building to those areas making gums inflamed. And, bleeding is a part of this process.

Myth6: White Teeth Are Healthy Teeth!

Fact: This can be true, but not always! Teeth’s are naturally white, and many things can make them unhealthy. Smoking, drinking, consuming sugar-rich foods can make teeth unhealthy and yellow.

Myth7:  Gum Disease Is The Only Problem Of Oral Issues

Fact: if you are having gum problems, you might be suffering from diseases like diabetes, hypertension and more. Also, your mouth can have other problems as well as oral cancer and more.

With a lot of dental problems, you might not feel the pain or anything. So have regular trips to dentists and protect your teeth for a healthy and shiny smile!

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