Three Hair Care Tips For Teens

When it comes to teenagers, haircare should not be taken lightly. As the hormones kick in, the body is likely to change in many ways, and if hair is not properly cared for, then it may be dry, stunted in growth and break down.

The following hair care tips should work for all teenagers:

Caring for split ends : 

Split ends are the beginning of unhealthy hair. Try rubbing some olive oil right before you hit the shower to prevent adding up to the split ends. Further, avoid excessive combing and manipulation, unprotected heating and harsh towel drying. Instead use a heat protectant if you are to employ heat on your hair, and consider air drying instead of towel drying. Otherwise, instead of rubbing out the water, soak it out with a soft cloth.

Trim your hair monthly : 

Teenagers’ hair grows quicker than most adults, and on the process of growth, some strands break, others are damaged, and dead hair. Trimming helps shed off the unhealthy hair so they can get out of the way of your mane growing healthy, lustrous and strong. You can visit to spot out the best hair clipping tools to use in trimming and managing your hair.

Moisturize our hair : 

Different conditions dry out your hair including weather, swimming in the chlorine-filtered water, and even hormonal changes. Be deliberate with your moisturizer, by going further to ensure that your shampoo product is right for your hair.

Further, ensure you always use a conditioner when washing your hair, avoiding hot water which also dries out your mane.

Hair care maintenance for teens is not much different from other people, as long as it is done consistently, it should be lustrous and healthy in no time.

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