The Spyderco World’s Best EDC Knife Under $100

A man needs an edc pocket knife for his different types of every day chores. There are enough also women who use a folding knife as well. These knives are tools that come in handy for many day to day tasks. Until you get yourself a edc knife under $100, you may never have realized how useful and handy it could be to have one with you all the time.

Many of the edc knives out there being used by every-day people are simply tools capable of stepping in to help the user perform various cutting and prying tasks. They are rarely needed as weapons, and while many pocket knives may look “mean”, they are simply tools.

Since you’ve decided to look into the best edc knife under 100 dollars, you have several things to consider purchasing one that will do the work you need it to do as well as being a convenient, every day companion for constant carry. Blade shape doesn’t matter very much, so you should buy what appeals to you. The main thing to keep in mind, though, is the more aggressive-looking blades may because you trouble if you try to pass through certain secured areas such as an airport. Simple, clean blade shapes that look like an every-day pocket knife fare better here.

Why You Should Get a Spyderco Best Pocket Knife Under 100 Dollars

Looking for an affordable yet high quality best edc knife under 100 dollars, if so, then take a look at some of the pocket knives offered by Spderco. Spyderco’s edc knives in my opinion are one of the best folding knives under $100 on the market, offering both versatility and utility. If you’ve never heard of this brand, then I would highly suggest you do some more research on their folding knives as well as finish reading this blog post. After fully reading this blog post, I guarantee you that you will be enticed to buy one.

Performance of Your Best Folding Knife Under $100

The best pocket knife under $100 should be a quality knife from a reputable manufacturer. The cheap $5-10 knives are not going to cut it. (no pun intended) You need a durable, high or medium performance best edc knife. This means one that can do the work you need it to do efficiently and without damage to the edc knife itself. Heavy duty blades and blade locking mechanisms are necessary to avoid damage to either your edc knife or you.

Pocket Clip of Your EDC Knife Under 100 Dollars

You should also make sure there is a good pocket clip on your edc knife or at least buy a good sheath to keep it in. The pocket clip, though, makes it easier to put your edc knife into action quickly and with one hand. This fits the bill of “tactical”.

Weight of Your Every Day Carry Knife Under 100

Don’t forget about weight. Since you will probably want to carry your edc folding knife with you everywhere, a lightweight pocket knife will be more comfortable. With the latest innovations in blade steels and handle materials as well as some strength enhancements to the internal parts, you should have no trouble finding a lightweight tactical folding knife that can also meet the requirements of being durable and rugged.

Security Issues or Locking Mechanism

Do not forget about the security issues. A everyday pocket knife is usually carried in the pocket that is why the locking mechanism should be very good to deploy or lock. Most of the time I use to recommend to the others about these three types of locking systems – Lock-Back Folding Knife, Frame-Lock EDC Knife and Liner-Lock Pocket Knife. Those are very trusted and useful in all the circumstances. The Spyderco knife makers are always careful about edc pocket knife locking system. Also, all the assisted edc knife comes from Spyderco have reversible stainless steel pocket clip. That will help you for convenient carry on the way.

Spyderco Best Folding Knife Under 100 Review

To begin with, Sypderco’s edc knives are really flexible; they have several different blade types suited for different situations.

Some of Spyderco’s blade selection include being:

  • Smooth Edged
  • Serrated
  • Partial Serrated

All of the above have their own purposes, for example serrated edge tactical blades are better for cutting through tough materials such as wood. Whilst, the smooth edged blades are better for cutting through things such as cables.

When you choose your Spyderco best edc knife under 100 dollars, be sure to read some of the reviews and ratings from customers. It is important to understand the main purpose of the pocket knife, as certain folding knives are designed to be better at certain tasks. It is also a good idea to watch some YouTube videos and YouTube reviews to have a look at the edc knife in action. When choosing a edc pocket knife, you don’t need to worry about the design or looks as the company has designed the pocket knives to be easy to use whilst offering versatility.

If you would like a high quality Spyderco knife with more features and don’t mind paying a little extra money then consider choosing the edc folding knives with extras. For example, if you will be using the spyderco pocket knife to be cutting open holes then there are edc knives designed to do this. When handling the everyday carry knife be careful of your surroundings as well as yourself, handling the tactical knife incorrectly could lead to serious consequences.

Final Verdict

Ever since Spyderco first cut a hole in a blade to make for easy, one-handed deployment of the blade, the best folding knife under $100 was born. Whether your small edc knife uses a thumb hole, thumb stud, assisted opening inertia mechanisms, or is a plain old lock back it can be fast and useful for you. You will wonder how you ever got on without one. Check out our useful information, and get yourself the best edc pocket knife under $100 ASAP.

Micheal P. Cole the contributor of The Tactical Knives. Also, I am a knife enthuses and blogger too.

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